Announcing Inaugural TIM eBook: Best of TIM Review for Technology Entrepreneurs

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This book is essential reading for technology entrepreneurs. It brings together 16 of the most insightful, most relevant, and most popular articles on technology entrepreneurship published in the Technology Innovation Management Review (TIM Review).

The authors share their in-depth research and hard-won practical experience to help technology entrepreneurs i) master the fundamentals, ii) define compelling opportunities and capture value, and iii) continuously apply up-to-date knowledge.

The articles were selected and introduced by Dr. Tony Bailetti, Director of the Technology Innovation Management Program at Carleton University, and Brian Hurley, President and CEO of Purple Forge. The foreword was written by Denzil Doyle, Chairman, Doyletech Corporation.

All net proceeds from the sale of this ebook will go to pay for the operating costs of the TIM Review.
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