Invest Desk Sessions

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About Invest Desk Training Sessions:

There are three types of Invest Desk sessions:

  1. Training session(full day seminar/workshop) which will cover the following:
    • Investment process and financial plan
    • Defining and refining the audience
    • Communications toolkit
    • Developing momentum plan
    • Closing the deal
  2. Review session(1.5 to 2 hours with expert panel):
    • Held 2 to 4 weeks following Introduction session
    • Pitch to "expert panel" including at least one investor, one experienced CEO and one service provider (lawyer, accountant, etc.)
    • Scheduled only when the mentor/advisor sponsor says they are ready
  3. Open pitch session(30 minutes per company):
    • Held 2 to 4 weeks following Review session
    • Scheduled only when the review panel says they are ready

Company pitch to a panel of four investors designed to simulate a pitch to a VC firm (board room setting, real dynamics, including setup, introductions, pitch and Q&A)

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