Apply to Invest Desk

You can apply at any time - it's easy!  The application will include a brief description of the company, senior team, current status, mentor/advisor recommendation and the amount to be raised.
It's easy to apply - just follow these steps:
1. Click here to download a DOC format of the application: Invest Desk Application Form
2. Complete the application
3. Send it to us via email to investdesk [at] leadtowin [dot] ca
Note As part of the Criteria for admissin to this program, the company must be sponsored by a qualified mentor or advisor who believe the business is fundable.
Qualification Criteria:

  • Some formal engagement with the company as a board member, advisor or consultant.
  • A credible trakc record in growing early stage ventures or new ventures withing a larger organisation.
  • Previous involvement ina financing round in some form, as an Angel or VC investor, CEO, President or CFO.

We suggest that each application include a letter from your advisor briefly outlining their backgraound and the company is ready to raise capital from an angel or venture investor.


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