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Build your venture to generate
$1M annual revenue within three years

Award winning community that coaches entrepreneurs to establish and grow technology businesses in Canada's Capital Region.
Carleton University's Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program and venture capital firms launched Lead To Win in 2002. Now the TIM program anchors the LTW community and operates its components.




Lead To Win

  • Supports venture’s generation of annual revenues of $1 million within three years
  • Enhances venture’s capacity to sell to first customers, raise funds, and attract and retain talent
  • Reduces venture’s time to cash from early customer sales
  • Enables venture’s globalization rapidly and early
  • Improves venture’s success by applying entrepreneurship research
  • Enhances venture’s network by linking it with business, community, university, college, and high-school initiatives
  • Supports venture’s founders by not taking an equity position and providing many free services

Be part of Lead To Win


LTW provides founders the foundation to establish and grow successful businesses, strengthen the business quickly and give access to large and diverse business network.


Mentors are needed to guide nascent companies, Reviewers to assess opportunities, Service Providers to provide services and volunteers. Contact us to discuss contributing.


Investors can increase their potential deal flow of qualified companies by connecting with qualifying LTW entrepreneurs. We help save time and money. Contact us today!

the change we have brought

65 startups launched in the Canada's Capital Region
86 employees hired
in the first
startup launched
$7M invested
in startups
since 2009
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